Art, Sculpture and Bicycle Culture


Cycling is an art, but can cycles be turned into a sculpture? The answer is yes! If you have got a heap of bikes in your backyard that you are unsure about, you might be inspired by some amazing bike sculptures from around the world. Look at some of the wonderful bicycle artworks that are inspired by Bicycle Culture.

“Bike Bike”, Sydney, Australia

This is a penny farthing consisting of many bicycles. It is a wonderful bike that is made of a number of bikes and was set up in October 2010 in Sydney, Australia. The entire structure stands 12 m in height. Artist Alasdair Nicol has designed this structure, which is shaped like a big Penny-farthing. This is a wonderful piece of sculpture that took many years to be created.


Bike Obelisk, Santa Rosa, California

This huge bike obelisk is 60 foot in height and is located in Santa Rosa, California. It is also known by the name “The Cyclisk”. This is a fantastic pillar consisting of bikes and has been designed by artists Ilana Spector and Mark Grieve. The entire project costs 37,000 USD and is funded by Nissan. It draws many tourists from around the globe every year and is a fantastic piece that bike enthusiasts love.



 Bicycle Sculpture, Brakel, Belgium

This bicycle sculpture, shaped like a traffic circle, stands in Brakel, Belgium. It is located along the route of the popular bike race “Tour of Flanders”, during the spring season every year. Cyclists love to stop here and get a glimpse of the wonderful artwork that stands in this place.

Bike Archway, Knoxville, Tennessee

It is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, outside the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center. This colorful archway consisting of bicycle waste has been designed by artist Kelly Brown. This is undoubtedly a clever way to make good use of used up, old bicycles that have not other use.

Chinese Christmas Tree, Shenyang, China

It is made of bicycles and stands in a Shenyang shopping mall. Around 80% of the artificial Christmas Trees around the globe is produced by China. These possibly constitute for the same percentage of the total number of bicycles produced in the world. Chinese designers used their skills and knowledge to create this sculpture for the 2011 Christmas. It stands 12 meters high and consists of as many as 230 latest bikes.


If you love bikes and biking, you will like to visit these amazing pieces of artwork.

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