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What the Pros Ride – Specialized Roubaix

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The original Roubaix was a revolutionary product with its windows in the tubing, longish wheelbase, relaxed geometry and a tall head tube, and offered sound vertical compliance at that time.

Many riders have good nostalgia about the bike, and while the Specialized Roubaix might be cut from the same cloth, it is altogether a different bike. Comparisons might be unfair but a glance at it and some discussion will be not. Find out what the 2017 version of the Roubaix offers.


The head angle is the same here, and the same stiffness can be observed on its rear end. The FutureShock unit at the front moves just over the head tube, with 3 mm travel upwards and 17 mm travel downwards.

The frame profile is cleaner here, mainly due to the Zertz inserts being absent. Both the seat clamp and the Di2 integration are supremely functional.

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However, its aluminum seat clamp is a bit incompatible with the wonderful carbon frame. The toptube of the specialized version is less sloping, which makes the bike look more of a racer.

Ride Quality

The quality of ride is affected somewhat in the 2017 Roubaix due to the new suspension.

You can sense movement of the front part, especially during turning corners as well as when you need to shift your own body weight. You need some time to adjust to this.                                     The bike would be available with 3 varied springs, and riders can choose between firmer or softer springs. Smooth, hard tarmac needs firmer spring. In the specialized version, the Zertz inserts are now no more to be found. These have been substituted by the FutureShock concept, lower twin-bolt seat clamp, and a longer seat post, which offer enough compliance.


The level of comfort is absolutely better here. It can smooth out vibrations, uneven roads, potholes and other oddities on the road and make everything more or less flat. The bike comes with the compliant and proven CG-R seat post, which is longer and offers more flex with the thicker tube and rubber seal.      The new Roubaix comes without standard caliper brakes and is only available in a disc brake version. It has disc brake flat-mount calipers. It is also lighter than its predecessors are and that is not something to yell about. With the geometry, head angle and design cues borrowed from the Tarmac, the specialized version of the Roubaix is worth buying.

Riding with the Garmin Edge 510 GPS tracker Bike Computer


garmin 510 vs 520

The latest Garmin Edge 510 is not a substitute for the esteemed Edge 500. It comes with slick smartphone connectivity and new touchscreen interface but is actually an in-between tracker that has some of the features of the flagship Edge 810.

However, it comes with some upgrade to the hardware and even the feature front looks cool. Find out about the experience of riding with this GPS tracking device.


When it comes to the size, the new Garmin Edge 510 has a squared-off case while the 500 is more softly rounded. It is also bigger than the 500 although smaller than the Edge 810 or 800.

garmin edge 510 manual

The Edge 510 has a new color touchscreen that can be washed out at times in bright sunlight when compared to the more legible and sharper Edge 500 monochrome screen.

The Garmin Edge 510 back portion has a rubber cover that allows a new tether loop to ensure greater safety, as well as a mini-USB port.


The new LiveTrack feature lets your Twitter followers and Facebook friends know about your speed and location after you have started riding.

garmin edge 510 reviewThen there is the integrated weather service, a wonderful feature, which draws your location forecasts and directly sends alerts to the device if there is a storm coming.

Its Virtual Partner feature shows a ghost rider, which is of course computer-generated. You may race against a speed that is predetermined. In case you have downloaded a real biking ride file, you may race against the individual who uploaded it originally.

 Ease of Use

The icon-based screens of the Garmin Edge 510 GPS tracker can easily be understood and navigated. Once the screen is double-tapped while riding, the main menu is displayed and shows the day time, battery status, temperature etc.

garmin edge 520 maps

Although you can view the rides that have been uploaded, you cannot get the option to remotely edit title and other fields.

As many as 8 data fields can be displayed in the Garmin Edge 500, while the larger screen of the Edge 510 can fit as many as 10.

Although the Edge 510 has some breadcrumb features, it lacks proper navigation capabilities.

The Bluetooth, which has been added newly, lets you pair it with a smartphone. All r rides can be uploaded automatically through a paired smartphone, although you have to log on to a PC later to edit notes, titles and other file details.

Even if the new Edge misses some abilities and features of its predecessors, it packs in enough positives to be recommended.

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Most Good Ideas for a Short Dutch Bike Tour with Kids


Living in any of the picturesque areas of the Netherlands means that you have got a splendid opportunity for bike rides. Many parents staying in the country look for tips to plan a bike tour with their kids. Given that self-guided and guided tours appear to be costly, it is a better idea to take your kids for a bike ride in the Netherlands. Get some of the best ideas for a short Dutch biking tour with kids. Know about some quiet Dutch bike paths and child-friendly bicycle routes that allow hassle-free, tranquil cycling for the entire family.

dutch style bikes for sale

Know some types os Dutch Bike:

PUBLIC Bikes C1 Dutch Style Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike - Find the price
PUBLIC Bikes C1 Dutch Style Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike – Find the price
Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady's Urban City Commuter Bike- Find the price
Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike – Find the price
PUBLIC Bikes C1 Dutch Style Frame Kids Bike - Find the price
PUBLIC Bikes C1 Dutch Style Frame Kids Bike – Find the price

Hoge Veluwe National Park Route

It is one of the popular places in the Netherlands, where you can find a wonderful landscape, visit the best museums of the country, and indulge in many kid-friendly activities along with your children. dutch bikes in usa

When it comes to biking routes, you can board a train to Ede and cycle to Apeldoorn through the park. You can take your children to the Open Air Museum, the Burgers Zoo or the Afrika Museum and let them see monkeys at the Paleis Het Loo or at the Apenheul. You can go for tranquil cycling rides in East Holland forests, close to the Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Zuiderzee Route

dutch style bike cheap

This Dutch bike path moves through ancient fishing villages, along dikes and around the Zuiderzee that is presently known as Ijsselmeer. It can be too much to bike around the Ijsselmeer with your kids for 3 days. However, you can also find a shorter version of this biking route. You may begin from Amsterdam or move to Purmerend by boarding a train. You can find interesting places, such as the open air Zuiderzee Museum or the popular village in Edam that is into making cheese. You can reach Stavoren by boarding a ferry or cycle southwards to Urk.

Dutch Coastal Route

best dutch bike for hillsThe Dutch seaside is tracked by the Dutch Coastal Route. The path combines the LF10 and the LF1, two of the bike paths that span a long distance. These bike routes offer convenient access to a beach and pass through sand dunes. There are numerous small picturesque towns along the route, which are loved by families.
dutch style bikes halfords

There are different towns and cities close to the route, which offer easy connection to rail routes – such as Den Helder, Alkmaar, Haarlem and The Hague. The LF1 route has wonderful beaches that are a feast for sore eyes.


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Art, Sculpture and Bicycle Culture


Cycling is an art, but can cycles be turned into a sculpture? The answer is yes! If you have got a heap of bikes in your backyard that you are unsure about, you might be inspired by some amazing bike sculptures from around the world. Look at some of the wonderful bicycle artworks that are inspired by Bicycle Culture.

“Bike Bike”, Sydney, Australia

This is a penny farthing consisting of many bicycles. It is a wonderful bike that is made of a number of bikes and was set up in October 2010 in Sydney, Australia. The entire structure stands 12 m in height. Artist Alasdair Nicol has designed this structure, which is shaped like a big Penny-farthing. This is a wonderful piece of sculpture that took many years to be created.


Bike Obelisk, Santa Rosa, California

This huge bike obelisk is 60 foot in height and is located in Santa Rosa, California. It is also known by the name “The Cyclisk”. This is a fantastic pillar consisting of bikes and has been designed by artists Ilana Spector and Mark Grieve. The entire project costs 37,000 USD and is funded by Nissan. It draws many tourists from around the globe every year and is a fantastic piece that bike enthusiasts love.



 Bicycle Sculpture, Brakel, Belgium

This bicycle sculpture, shaped like a traffic circle, stands in Brakel, Belgium. It is located along the route of the popular bike race “Tour of Flanders”, during the spring season every year. Cyclists love to stop here and get a glimpse of the wonderful artwork that stands in this place.

Bike Archway, Knoxville, Tennessee

It is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, outside the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center. This colorful archway consisting of bicycle waste has been designed by artist Kelly Brown. This is undoubtedly a clever way to make good use of used up, old bicycles that have not other use.

Chinese Christmas Tree, Shenyang, China

It is made of bicycles and stands in a Shenyang shopping mall. Around 80% of the artificial Christmas Trees around the globe is produced by China. These possibly constitute for the same percentage of the total number of bicycles produced in the world. Chinese designers used their skills and knowledge to create this sculpture for the 2011 Christmas. It stands 12 meters high and consists of as many as 230 latest bikes.


If you love bikes and biking, you will like to visit these amazing pieces of artwork.

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What is an Enduro Mountain Bike?


Enduro mountain bike is an All-Mountain (AM) bike that comes in between open ride bikes and racing bikes. The weight of these bikes is usually between 29 – 35 pounds or 13 and 16 kilograms. These come with greater suspension time of around 6 – 7 inches, which can be adapted on new bikes. These have been designed in such a way that riders can easily move through rough terrains and can feel utmost satisfaction while doing so. Find out about some of the prime characteristics of this type of bike.

All-terrain capability

These are perfect for various types of terrains. It can descent longer than only a few seconds but does not need long mountain runs. Enduro racing is of two simple types. Enduro downhill became popular in major mountain races, like Mountain of Hell and Megavalanche in France, where long-form downhill racing along with sharp climbs and descents were the norm. Gravity Enduro balances drops and climbs more closely in less mountainous areas.

enduro mountain bike for sale


These are durable bikes but are stiffer and lighter than DH bikes given that these are light in weight and have less cush. For people who take part in competitive Enduro racing, it is important to use remote lockout forks.

Larger wheels

Enduros, much like most other U.S bikes, have almost done away with 26-inch wheels. 29-inch wheels are famous for the exact reason they perform well on XC machines – the fast and smooth riding and stability. The Enduro mountain bike happily uses 27.5-inch wheels. These mid-sized wheels adapt easily to proper suspension designs and varied rider styles and heights and are fast becoming the standard for these types of bikes.

enduro bike for sale

Tubeless tire technology

Enduro bikes are also supporting the Tubeless tire technology, where grip has to be balanced against difficult impacts at speed and need to keep down the overall weight. The stems of these bikes are shorter than the ones present on XC bikes. The bikes have wider stems and the tires, as well as wheels, are less aggressive and lighter than the ones used in downhill racing.

enduro mountain bikes 2017


These days, the majority of Enduro bikes happen to be purpose-built. The components and geometries can balance forgiving descents and efficient climbing. The suspension systems present in the rear and front are quite common. Although some of these bikes have a few hardtails, most of them use full suspension for making the Enduro’s ‘endurance’ more acceptable.


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The One Thing that Every Bicycle Rider Actually Needs

free rider tracks

Life as a cycle rider can be pretty enjoyable and thrilling, and riding is a hobby for many men and women. Being constantly on the move and exploring new things can give you a high and continuously keep you engaged and interested. However, you would also like to be comfortable as you ride. Proper shoes, helmets, gloves and many other gears have been developed for this specific reason. A good cycling kit is the one thing that every bicycle rider actually needs. Find out what it contains.

Jersey and shorts

These can help you to feel really good when you are riding. You can compromise on the quality of any other thing, but not here. With superior bib shorts, you can stay as comfy as possible on your bike. There are different versions for men and women riders. Look for bibs that come in neutral colors, so that they can match jerseys of different colors.

Ultimates Design


free rider gameA spare helmet is indispensable in some kits, and these come in trail-style although with lots of vents in the front and rear and over the crown, and with a retention system and peak that can be adjusted in order to be comfortable while riding. Some kits also have a pair of riding glasses inside, to offer more protection to a bicycle rider while he/she rides.

Bike repair tools

Kits must also contain repair tools that are essential for any bicycle rider, including spare tube and patch kit, tire levers, bike pump and multi-tool consisting of a flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, chain tool, adjustable wrench and a wide range of Allen wrenches. These can help you to handle different types of repair jobs, such as flat tires, loose bolts, broken chain etc.

Energy and Recovery Nutrition Supplements

Energy foodsLook for kits that come with energy and recovery food, drinks and gels. Energy foods include Instant oats and beef jerky while energy drinks common for cyclists include whey protein drinks, soy protein isolate, oats and whey, chocolate shakes etc.


rider kits Isotonic mixed gel and sports energy gel are important for fast and easy recovery from riding injuries. Many rider kits consist of such first-aid items.
It is a good idea to check different collections of kits, and find out one that is superior as well as affordable. Some brands also offer kits with promotional deals that let you avail the chance to spend $10 – 20 for free.



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How to Get Faster On a Mountain Bike?



Riding a mountain bike is great fun, but you need a different approach altogether to survive rough terrain and competitive bike rides. It is important to ride well and fast while keeping your body properly balanced. Find out how you can ride faster on this type of bike, and cover more distance within the shortest possible time span.

Opt for a lighter bike

mountain bikeRoad bike riders can be categorized into two types – those who wish to ride as fast as they can and those who wish to ride for as long as they can. However, both types of riders like to have their bike as lightweight as possible. If you wish to ride fast, a lighter bike can make it easier for you to do so. Even if you wish to ride for more miles, dropping some weight from your bike can make it comfortable for you to ride for longer time and distance. Look for a bike with lighter components and modern carbon fiber or aluminum frames and wheels, and even weigh it before buying it. It is also important to lose some of your own weight to ride faster.

Mtb lighter bike’s

Maintain your bike

mountain bikes ukIf you intend to use your mountain bike for riding in rough terrains or competitions, you should keep it properly maintained and upgrade it every now and then. Standard mountain bikes are now available with necessary features and high-quality material. In case your bike lacks some features, you may just upgrade it as per needs and demands. In case any of your bike components is damaged, it is essential to immediately upgrade it and maintain optimal efficiency for bike rides.

ANYONE Can Learn To Repair & Maintain Bicycles From Home!

Ride with an experienced group

top 10 mountain bikes brandsIf it is possible, ride with an experienced group of bikers – possibly one that frequents rough terrains and competitive events. The more you ride with experienced bikers, the better you can get the chance to observe their riding stance, techniques and habits. You can pick these up and also get some expert knowledge about riding fast from them.

Rest yourself

specialized mountain bikesDo not ride every day. It is important to give yourself enough rest to get over from ‘riding fatigue’. If you are planning to enter into competitive cycling, it is important to take rest for an entire day between your training periods. With enough rest, your muscles can heal themselves after the damage and stress that they have been put through due to the strenuous cycling routine.

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How to Find Helmet Brands Near Me?


helmet brandsIt is important to safeguard your head when you are mountain biking on rough terrains at high speeds and are at high risk of facing crashes – which occur all too often. Naturally, you should get a good, strong mountain bike helmet to stay as comfortable as possible at the time of riding. Read and know about the top factors to consider for finding the best helmet brands near you.

Protection and coverage

best bike helmets 2017With endure racing becoming increasingly popular, many helmets with open-faced lids now offer riders more coverage around the temples and the back part of the head. These increase the level of protection. Look at the construction. Most helmets for bicycle riders use some type of EPS or expanded polystyrene foam to offer cushioning during an impact. When the foam is struck, it crushes and delays and distributes the impact force – thus preventing any risk of injury.


best road bike helmets 2017Although additional coverage and protection are welcome, it should not impede or reduce the airflow. When you ride very hard, you get warmer and sweat more. Look for a helmet that comes with plenty of vents in the front, sides and back to let warm air get out of the body. There should be large vents on the rear and the front, with the inner side of the lid having deep channels.


road bicycle helmetsJust like any other wearable item, the fit of a helmet will depend on your shape. The shape of your head will determine whether a specific helmet will be a comfortable fit on it. Some helmet brands design and create helmets in a specific shape, and fitting them on the head is a matter of trial and error. It is better that you visit your local bike shop and try out various lids to know about the most befitting size for you. You should look for a helmet that properly sits on your head, comes with an adjustable retention system and does not have any uncomfortable pressure points that can hurt you or make movements difficult.


Go for a helmet that is light in weight. Although the weight of a helmet does not appear to be of vital consideration as compared to other factors, you will like to put on one that does not feel bulky on your head after a long day on your bike. One with a light lid will be less likely to cause discomfort to you at the time of riding.


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How hard is it to build Your Own Bike Trails?


At some point, a competitive bicycle rider is asked “How hard is it to build your own bike trails?” Although it is hard to build a good singletrack trail, the process is not too tough to be impossible. In case you are inspired about building your trail and know your reasons for doing the same, you can succeed in the job. You have to be passionate about the task and have to put in commitment and hard work. Find out about the difficulties involved.

road bike trails near meScouting the area

You have to scout an area and decide whether you would like to ride on mellow or steep hills, smooth dirt or technical rocks. It would be nice to have areas such as swamps, dense forests, big cliffs, meadows and drop-offs in your trail. Take pen and paper along and sketch a rough map of your biking trail. A tape can be very useful with longer trails.

Getting approval

bike trails mapThe real difficult part is not the physical task. It is more about getting proper approval from land managers and land owners concerned, and request them to give you a written permission to start building your trail. If you wish to make the route ‘legal’, you have to approach these people and place a formal request. Keep in mind that without proper permission from the land owner, you should not build any trail. It is illegal to create one even on public land.

bike trails near me nowBuying / gathering necessary tools

A shovel or spade, clippers, handsaw and a scythe for clearing out bushes are necessary. For removing grasses from bike trails, weed eater can be useful.

mountain bike trails near me

Clearing the trail

Clearing out trees and bushes can be really hard time consuming and energy draining. The actual trail might be just 1 foot wide, but it is advisable that you clear 4 – 6 feet to fit your handlebars through. The faster your trail has to be, the wider should you make the clearing. It is important to get some friends to work on the trail as well, and not work on the trail alone. Working on the trail alone for too long can be de-motivating, given that the task is back-breaking.

find hiking trails near me

Maintenance of the trail

Even when you have finally built your trail, keep in mind that it has to be maintained regularly. Grass will grow back if you sit back for too long, and you have to trim them often to maintain your trail.


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Great Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Mountain Biker


birthday gifts for mountain bikersIdeas for Your Favorite Mountain Biker

When you are looking for a good present for your favorite mountain biker, parent, sibling, spouse or a friend, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. He or she might be having all the important things as far as bike parts, clothing, tools and gear are concerned. However, even if they have covered all the basics, there are gifts galore to choose from. Here are some great gift ideas for your favorite cliff biker.

birthday gifts for mountain bikers 2017

Garmin Edge 200

It is a wonderful bike computer that does not need any sensor, magnet or wire to be mounted to a bike. It looks fetching and can give access to all the data that is tracked by GPS devices. The Edge 200 offers a lot in terms of performance, features, and capability. Its price point is possibly one its biggest advantages. Although it is pricier than standard bike computers, it is still less costly than other GPS watches or PCs.

Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses

mountain biking gifts for himThese have amazing optics and come in snappy colors, and boast of Patented switch lock technology that lets these lenses be swapped out easily and quickly in any sports ambiance.

The lenses are vented and come with an anti-sheen coating, which allows easy flow of air around the eyes and fewer chances of fogging. Even a serious mountain biker will be clearly able to see in any condition.

unique gifts for mountain bikers

Hydration Pack

These are important for long rides, and can provide the body will enough fluid. These can also hold food, small gears, and tools. Many modern packs come with waist mounted storage facility that lets riders use them without taking them off. It is comfortable to keep fluids around the waist and sip some whenever the body is drained.


Free Shipping at

mountain bike gift ideas

Self-Sealing Tubes

Flat resistant, self-sealing tubes means fewer instances of flat tire scenarios. This can be very useful during competitive bike rides or while biking to school or work or even for casual rides where your biker does not want to be stuck miles away from home.


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