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The latest Garmin Edge 510 is not a substitute for the esteemed Edge 500. It comes with slick smartphone connectivity and new touchscreen interface but is actually an in-between tracker that has some of the features of the flagship Edge 810.

However, it comes with some upgrade to the hardware and even the feature front looks cool. Find out about the experience of riding with this GPS tracking device.


When it comes to the size, the new Garmin Edge 510 has a squared-off case while the 500 is more softly rounded. It is also bigger than the 500 although smaller than the Edge 810 or 800.

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The Edge 510 has a new color touchscreen that can be washed out at times in bright sunlight when compared to the more legible and sharper Edge 500 monochrome screen.

The Garmin Edge 510 back portion has a rubber cover that allows a new tether loop to ensure greater safety, as well as a mini-USB port.


The new LiveTrack feature lets your Twitter followers and Facebook friends know about your speed and location after you have started riding.

garmin edge 510 reviewThen there is the integrated weather service, a wonderful feature, which draws your location forecasts and directly sends alerts to the device if there is a storm coming.

Its Virtual Partner feature shows a ghost rider, which is of course computer-generated. You may race against a speed that is predetermined. In case you have downloaded a real biking ride file, you may race against the individual who uploaded it originally.

 Ease of Use

The icon-based screens of the Garmin Edge 510 GPS tracker can easily be understood and navigated. Once the screen is double-tapped while riding, the main menu is displayed and shows the day time, battery status, temperature etc.

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Although you can view the rides that have been uploaded, you cannot get the option to remotely edit title and other fields.

As many as 8 data fields can be displayed in the Garmin Edge 500, while the larger screen of the Edge 510 can fit as many as 10.

Although the Edge 510 has some breadcrumb features, it lacks proper navigation capabilities.

The Bluetooth, which has been added newly, lets you pair it with a smartphone. All r rides can be uploaded automatically through a paired smartphone, although you have to log on to a PC later to edit notes, titles and other file details.

Even if the new Edge misses some abilities and features of its predecessors, it packs in enough positives to be recommended.

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