How to Find Helmet Brands Near Me?


helmet brandsIt is important to safeguard your head when you are mountain biking on rough terrains at high speeds and are at high risk of facing crashes – which occur all too often. Naturally, you should get a good, strong mountain bike helmet to stay as comfortable as possible at the time of riding. Read and know about the top factors to consider for finding the best helmet brands near you.

Protection and coverage

best bike helmets 2017With endure racing becoming increasingly popular, many helmets with open-faced lids now offer riders more coverage around the temples and the back part of the head. These increase the level of protection. Look at the construction. Most helmets for bicycle riders use some type of EPS or expanded polystyrene foam to offer cushioning during an impact. When the foam is struck, it crushes and delays and distributes the impact force – thus preventing any risk of injury.


best road bike helmets 2017Although additional coverage and protection are welcome, it should not impede or reduce the airflow. When you ride very hard, you get warmer and sweat more. Look for a helmet that comes with plenty of vents in the front, sides and back to let warm air get out of the body. There should be large vents on the rear and the front, with the inner side of the lid having deep channels.


road bicycle helmetsJust like any other wearable item, the fit of a helmet will depend on your shape. The shape of your head will determine whether a specific helmet will be a comfortable fit on it. Some helmet brands design and create helmets in a specific shape, and fitting them on the head is a matter of trial and error. It is better that you visit your local bike shop and try out various lids to know about the most befitting size for you. You should look for a helmet that properly sits on your head, comes with an adjustable retention system and does not have any uncomfortable pressure points that can hurt you or make movements difficult.


Go for a helmet that is light in weight. Although the weight of a helmet does not appear to be of vital consideration as compared to other factors, you will like to put on one that does not feel bulky on your head after a long day on your bike. One with a light lid will be less likely to cause discomfort to you at the time of riding.


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