Great Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Mountain Biker


birthday gifts for mountain bikersIdeas for Your Favorite Mountain Biker

When you are looking for a good present for your favorite mountain biker, parent, sibling, spouse or a friend, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. He or she might be having all the important things as far as bike parts, clothing, tools and gear are concerned. However, even if they have covered all the basics, there are gifts galore to choose from. Here are some great gift ideas for your favorite cliff biker.

birthday gifts for mountain bikers 2017

Garmin Edge 200

It is a wonderful bike computer that does not need any sensor, magnet or wire to be mounted to a bike. It looks fetching and can give access to all the data that is tracked by GPS devices. The Edge 200 offers a lot in terms of performance, features, and capability. Its price point is possibly one its biggest advantages. Although it is pricier than standard bike computers, it is still less costly than other GPS watches or PCs.

Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses

mountain biking gifts for himThese have amazing optics and come in snappy colors, and boast of Patented switch lock technology that lets these lenses be swapped out easily and quickly in any sports ambiance.

The lenses are vented and come with an anti-sheen coating, which allows easy flow of air around the eyes and fewer chances of fogging. Even a serious mountain biker will be clearly able to see in any condition.

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Hydration Pack

These are important for long rides, and can provide the body will enough fluid. These can also hold food, small gears, and tools. Many modern packs come with waist mounted storage facility that lets riders use them without taking them off. It is comfortable to keep fluids around the waist and sip some whenever the body is drained.


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Self-Sealing Tubes

Flat resistant, self-sealing tubes means fewer instances of flat tire scenarios. This can be very useful during competitive bike rides or while biking to school or work or even for casual rides where your biker does not want to be stuck miles away from home.


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