The One Thing that Every Bicycle Rider Actually Needs

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Life as a cycle rider can be pretty enjoyable and thrilling, and riding is a hobby for many men and women. Being constantly on the move and exploring new things can give you a high and continuously keep you engaged and interested. However, you would also like to be comfortable as you ride. Proper shoes, helmets, gloves and many other gears have been developed for this specific reason. A good cycling kit is the one thing that every bicycle rider actually needs. Find out what it contains.

Jersey and shorts

These can help you to feel really good when you are riding. You can compromise on the quality of any other thing, but not here. With superior bib shorts, you can stay as comfy as possible on your bike. There are different versions for men and women riders. Look for bibs that come in neutral colors, so that they can match jerseys of different colors.

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free rider gameA spare helmet is indispensable in some kits, and these come in trail-style although with lots of vents in the front and rear and over the crown, and with a retention system and peak that can be adjusted in order to be comfortable while riding. Some kits also have a pair of riding glasses inside, to offer more protection to a bicycle rider while he/she rides.

Bike repair tools

Kits must also contain repair tools that are essential for any bicycle rider, including spare tube and patch kit, tire levers, bike pump and multi-tool consisting of a flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, chain tool, adjustable wrench and a wide range of Allen wrenches. These can help you to handle different types of repair jobs, such as flat tires, loose bolts, broken chain etc.

Energy and Recovery Nutrition Supplements

Energy foodsLook for kits that come with energy and recovery food, drinks and gels. Energy foods include Instant oats and beef jerky while energy drinks common for cyclists include whey protein drinks, soy protein isolate, oats and whey, chocolate shakes etc.


rider kits Isotonic mixed gel and sports energy gel are important for fast and easy recovery from riding injuries. Many rider kits consist of such first-aid items.
It is a good idea to check different collections of kits, and find out one that is superior as well as affordable. Some brands also offer kits with promotional deals that let you avail the chance to spend $10 – 20 for free.



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