What is an Enduro Mountain Bike?


Enduro mountain bike is an All-Mountain (AM) bike that comes in between open ride bikes and racing bikes. The weight of these bikes is usually between 29 – 35 pounds or 13 and 16 kilograms. These come with greater suspension time of around 6 – 7 inches, which can be adapted on new bikes. These have been designed in such a way that riders can easily move through rough terrains and can feel utmost satisfaction while doing so. Find out about some of the prime characteristics of this type of bike.

All-terrain capability

These are perfect for various types of terrains. It can descent longer than only a few seconds but does not need long mountain runs. Enduro racing is of two simple types. Enduro downhill became popular in major mountain races, like Mountain of Hell and Megavalanche in France, where long-form downhill racing along with sharp climbs and descents were the norm. Gravity Enduro balances drops and climbs more closely in less mountainous areas.

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These are durable bikes but are stiffer and lighter than DH bikes given that these are light in weight and have less cush. For people who take part in competitive Enduro racing, it is important to use remote lockout forks.

Larger wheels

Enduros, much like most other U.S bikes, have almost done away with 26-inch wheels. 29-inch wheels are famous for the exact reason they perform well on XC machines – the fast and smooth riding and stability. The Enduro mountain bike happily uses 27.5-inch wheels. These mid-sized wheels adapt easily to proper suspension designs and varied rider styles and heights and are fast becoming the standard for these types of bikes.

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Tubeless tire technology

Enduro bikes are also supporting the Tubeless tire technology, where grip has to be balanced against difficult impacts at speed and need to keep down the overall weight. The stems of these bikes are shorter than the ones present on XC bikes. The bikes have wider stems and the tires, as well as wheels, are less aggressive and lighter than the ones used in downhill racing.

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These days, the majority of Enduro bikes happen to be purpose-built. The components and geometries can balance forgiving descents and efficient climbing. The suspension systems present in the rear and front are quite common. Although some of these bikes have a few hardtails, most of them use full suspension for making the Enduro’s ‘endurance’ more acceptable.


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